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Cover illustration by David Owens.

The Bright Side of #Kentrification

Laurie James
It seemed like a few people were grousing when Will Churchill and Corrie Watson, siblings and co-owners of the Frank Kent brand, started moving and shaking in the Near Southside three years ago. The pair started their alleged c...

Starbass Laboratories: “As a band, I think we just want people to have a good time.” Photo by Ryan Burger.

Space Jams

Using vintage equipment, Starbass Laboratories are making futuristic music.
Steve Steward
“Welcome! Sorry it smells a little burger-y in here.” That was Peter Gilliland, the dreadlocked, bearded half of electro duo Starbass Laboratories, apologizing for the scent of a post-work snack, reheated in his RV’s micr...

Cover illustration by David Owens.

Kentrifying Fairmount

As a duo of investors gussies up a popular swath of the Near Southside, locals debate the changes.
Edward Brown
Graffiti wasn’t exactly the warm welcome they were expecting. Two months after opening Kent & Co. Wines, a posh bar/restaurant in the heart of the burgeoning Near Southside, the Historic Fairmount District, co-owners and ...

Andy Pickett. Photo by Vishal Malhotra.

Saved by the Southside

Piano man Andy Pickett may be the only one who doesn’t love his music.
Eric Grubbs
A steady stream of people comes in and out of Avoca Coffee on West Magnolia Avenue. It’s a cool Saturday afternoon, though many of the Near Southside coffee shop’s customers arrive on bike. Sitting on a bench in the parking...


Concert Review: Telegraph Canyon at Dreamy Life Records & Music

Jasun Lee
Fresh off of 110,000-plus Spotify plays of their new single “Why Let Go” in a little more than a week, Telegraph Canyon headlined Sofar Sounds DFW’s first proper Fort Worth show Sunday afternoon at Dreamy Life Records &am...


Fort Worthology: Hemphill Complete Streets Proposal

Kevin Buchanan
The Hemphill-Lamar Connector, a long-discussed tunnel between Hemphill and Lamar Streets that would add another link between the Near Southside and Downtown, has officially been underway since April. Though visible progress is ...

Bad People Alert

Jeff Prince
A neighborhood patrol officer is warning residents about sneaky thieves prowling around the Fairmount neighborhood. Joel Stary sent us this warning: “A few months back we discussed a pair of individuals that were approach...


SiNaCa Studios
With Gallery Night festivities going on in Dallas and Fort Worth at the same time for once, there’s an insane number of choices out there.

No More Live Music at the Fairmount?

Anthony Mariani
There won’t be any more live music at the Fairmount, according to a MySpace bulletin recently sent out by the Southside club that’s been having financial troubles lately. Stay tuned for more.