Video Premier: Jakob Robertson’s “Two Way Street”

Video Premier: Jakob Robertson’s “Two Way Street”

Photo by Walt Burns, courtesy of Jakob Robertson

The video to Jakob Robertson’s new tune, “Two Way Street,” stands out for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that it was filmed in one long shot in the middle of the day, smack in the heart of one of Fort Worth’s busiest neighborhoods.

Co-directed by Wayne Floyd and Brandon Schwindt, the latter of whom also edited the piece, the logistics of the video alone must have been a nightmare to navigate. Robertson was kind enough to answer some questions about how they pulled off his new video and more.


Fort Worth Weekly: Can you tell us a little about this song? What’s it about? What inspired you to write it?

Jakob Robertson: I think it’s inspired by the idea of difficult, one-sided relationships people can sometimes find themselves in. I have a habit of really slaving over songwriting, but this one came quick and smooth for some reason. It’s a fun song to play.

Why was the Fairmount area so important for the video? Was that decision based solely on aesthetics? Or was something else relevant about the neighborhood?

That decision was mostly based on aesthetics and convenience. Two great friends of mine were kind enough to let us shoot at their house about a block away from West Magnolia Avenue. Also, the Fairmount neighborhood as a whole is just a really special place to me. I felt right at home.

What was the production like? Who was involved? How many takes did you go through?

Shooting a live single shot performance while walking mid-day was definitely a challenge, but the guys at Texas Producer captured some really impressive footage in only about nine takes. Everyone helping on set did such an awesome job, too. I’m thankful for the whole team.

Do you always play solo? Do you plan on forming a full band?

Up to this point, I have always played solo, but I’m now in the beginning stages of working a band together. Keep your eyes peeled for some shows in the future!

Are you recording more? Do you plan on releasing more material soon?

Yes, I’m making plans to begin recording a project this year. I’m really stoked to finally start releasing some of my music. It’s definitely been a long time coming.