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Charles Bird King’s Tah-Col-O-Quoit is part of AMA’s Imprinting the West, part of Gallery Night.

The Art of the Night

The calendar says it’s still summer, but Fall Gallery Night is upon us anyway to herald the coming of autumn, inundating us with art and challenging us to make a complete meal out of amuse bouches. The biggest opening this we...

Ryan Goolsby’s untitled piece is on display at TCU as part of Gallery Night.

Gallery Night (and Not)

Spring Gallery Night is here again. Though lots of galleries are going with what they already have up, a few venues are busting out new stuff. All four Blagg brothers will take over Artspace 111, and at William Campbell Contemp...


Calhoun, The Cush, Holy Moly At Fort Works Art Show On Saturday

Jeff Prince
Spring Gallery Night has a new addition to the ever-growing lineup of galleries, museums, retail businesses, restaurants, and other venues displaying art works for sale. The Fort Works Art gallery event is an art scene combined...


Haltom City Included On Gallery Night

Jeff Prince
Gallery Night is a great time to scour Fort Worth galleries for art. Maybe you’ll even discover the next Pablo Picasso this Saturday. The Fort Worth Art Dealers Association sponsors the semi-annual event as a fund-raiser....

Rose Marie Mercado’s “I Wanna Be a Whatter Melon”


Work Room
As always with Gallery Night, there are lots of shows that are up only for the night. Among these is the open studio on Race Street called The Work Room, which combines both private working space and public exhibition space for...

(flickr photo by khawkins04)

Lend Me Your Ear: Haltom City Arts Ramble Tonight

Jeff Prince
Haltom City’s version of Fort Worth’s Gallery Night is from 5 to 8 p.m. tonight, and it’s up to you to go discover the next Van Gogh, hopefully without all that messy ear stuff. Haltom City’s Arts Ramble...

Jeanette Korab’s “Versailles”


Milan Gallery
With so much to choose from on Gallery Night (see Night & Day sidebar), we’re giving this space to the new show at Milan Gallery, which includes mixed-media works by Jeanette Korab based on her travels in France. The gall...

Mike Moffatt’s “Pocket Trouble” is on display at Fringe Gallery.

Street Art

If you needed a reminder that it’s September already, Fall Gallery Night lands this Saturday evening. Many shows are up through next month, but you’ll want to hurry to catch some of the more short-lived ones, such as Grackl...

Michelle Brandley’s “Showgirls”

Galery: Fort Worth Community Arts Center

The reception at FWCAC at 6pm this Friday evening will be like having Gallery Night in a single venue. That’s because the center’s new show contains pieces from galleries that are members of Fort Worth Art Dealers Associati...

Weekender: Fri., Sept. 11, 2009

Anthony Mariani
If you’re not doing anything tomorrow night (Saturday), you really oughta gather up some of your smartest (drinkingest?) pals and hit Fall Gallery Night. From 2 ’til about 9 p.m., you can hop from gallery to gallery –– ...