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MA AND PA WILBER (photo courtesy of Wikimedia)

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Racial Slurs

Jeff Prince
Seeing DeMarcus Ware and DeMarco Murray limping off the field last night prompted visions of the Dallas Cowboys circa 2012 — a solid team that suffered too many injuries and finished up 8-8 for the year and missed the pla...

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Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs. Baddass Broncos

Jeff Prince
The best boxing match I ever saw was in 1973 when my cousin Little Johnny fought in the Golden Gloves. He was matched up against a bigger and more experienced fighter, but Little Johnny had a game look on his face as he climbed...


Jerry Jones: Village Idiot

This much we know: Cowboys general manager Jerry Jones cares so much what people think of him that he will shoot himself in the foot –– to the potential detriment of his organization –– just to prove a point. And that p...

(flickr photo by doug wertman)

Troy Aikman Wasn’t Best Cowboys Pick, Mike Sherrard Wasn’t Worst

Jeff Prince
Remember Mike Sherrard? Probably not. The Dallas Cowboys picked the wide receiver in the first round (No. 18) in 1986, and he started out pretty well until he broke his leg. He eventually went on to play with several other team...


Off Asides On Cardiac Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Jeff Prince
The Dallas Cowboys put Big Ben on his Big End for a Big Win. Cowboys 27, Steelers 24. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger decimated the Cowboys defensive backfield for much of the game, and his scrambling and ref...

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Off Asides On Cardiac Cowboys vs Cincinnati Bengals

Jeff Prince
General Manager Jerry Jones gets some credit for yesterday’s last-second 20-19 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. That’s right, you legion of JJ haters, I said it. The man gets some credit. But first, congratulati...


Buzzards Circle Dallas Cowboys

Jeff Prince
Man, what a tough crowd. The Dallas Cowboys played an exciting, action-packed game against the Super Bowl champion New York Giants, almost pulled off a miraculous victory, and provided TV viewers with four hours of entertainmen...

JOE THEISMANN (photo by internetsense)

Joe Theismann Smacktalks Romo, Jerry, Dallas Cowboys

Jeff Prince
Normally I wouldn’t quote Joe Theismann. He’s an egomaniac former Washington Redskins quarterback turned annoying sportscaster turned who gives a rat’s ass. He summarized the State of the Dallas Cowboys this s...


Dallas Cowboys Among Most Hated

Jeff Prince
  The rabid dogs at are yelping about the top 5 most hated NFL teams, and naturally the Dallas Cowboys are on the hit list. This is quite an accomplishment. Success in the NFL breeds hatred. When the Cowboys...

Jerry Jones Takes Bright Path To Morris Claiborne

Jeff Prince
The greatest local sports minds — well, okay, my drinking buddies — pretty much agree that Dallas Cowboys owner and general mis-manager Jerry Jones made a smart, daring move by drafting LSU cornerback Morris Claibor...