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Residents Sue Tarrant Regional Water District

Jeff Prince
Remember when the Tarrant Regional Water District board in 2012 voted to change elections from even-numbered years to odd-numbered years, which had the effect of giving several board members an extra year to serve on their four...


Musical Chairs at City Hall

Two council veterans are fighting their successors to get their old seats back.
Story and photos BY JEFF PRINCE
A couple of elderly women dressed in their Sunday best clutched colorful scarves over their heads and carefully crossed a slick parking lot during last week’s chilly rain. They’d just listened to candidates speak at a polit...

Cathy Hirt Endorses Jim Lane For Mayor

Jeff Prince
Cathy Hirt, who finished third in the Fort Worth mayoral race earlier this month, is endorsing Jim Lane, the candidate who came in second behind Betsy Price. Price and Lane will duke it out in a runoff election next month. Here...

Historic Mayoral Forum

Jimmy Fowler
I can’t think of another Texas city that has used a horrible event like the summer 2009 Rainbow Lounge raid to accomplish so much good for its lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender citizens. And now comes a historic Fort Worth eve...

Cathy Hirt Not Ready To Endorse Mayor

Jeff Prince
Fresh off her third-place finish in this weekend’s mayoral election, Cathy Hirt isn’t quick to endorse either Jim Lane or Betsy Price. The runoff election is June 18. “I’m not prepared to make a decision...

Fort Worth’s Next Mayor Is…Up To You

Jeff Prince
Mayor Mike Moncrief, the oil-rich guy who wants a gas rig on every corner and a tax abatement for every corporation, will be one step closer to being gone tomorrow. Election Day is finally upon us. Now Moncrief won’t have...

Potential Mayors Admit Mistakes

Jeff Prince
KERA’s Bill Zeeble asked Fort Worth’s five mayoral candidates an interesting and rather personal question, and got five revealing answers. The candidates have been sticking to their talking points during this electi...

Blotch: Making A Difference Since 2009

Jeff Prince
Something jumped out at me as I was driving down Jacksboro Highway this morning — Jim Lane’s backyard billboard looks different than it did when I blogged about it last week. Here’s how it looked last week: An...

Jacksboro Highway Jim Lane Sign Still Standing

Jeff Prince
Longtime Fort Worth lawyer and politician Jim Lane’s backyard stretches down a hill to the Jacksboro Highway, and his business sign has become a familiar sight over the years. The sign sports his business phone and famili...

Mayor Mike Moncrief Won’t Seek Reelection

Jeff Prince
Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief announced he won’t be seeking reelection in May after eight years as Fort Worth’s most visible and powerful elected official. Of course, he didn’t announce it personally to Fort ...