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Sarah Palin A Grand Speaker?

Jeff Prince
The mouse that roared “you betcha!” is coming to Dallas, and people are clamoring to pay $1,000 each to listen to Sarah Palin spew catchphrases about patriotism, conservatism, God — and how much President Obama sucks....

Will Sarah Palin Just Say No?

Jeff Prince
A pro-marijuana group from Nevada thinks Sarah Palin might be cool. She probably won’t be hot-boxing the hydro weed anytime soon — she said in 2008 that she tried pot and didn’t enjoy the high (unlike Clinton, she act...

Slap Rahm Emanuel’s Wrist And Move On

Jeff Prince
President Obama’s Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is under attack for using what is now known as “the R word.” Based on what’s been said about Emanuel’s private conversations, he’s one profane mofo. To him, describing s...

Levi’s Johnson

Jimmy Fowler
Don’t pretend you’re shocked that Levi Johnston – Bristol Palin’s baby daddy and Sarah Palin’s pain in the ass – is going to pose naked for “Playgirl” magazine later this year. (Actually, I didn’t realize ...

Sarah Palin Going Rogue All The Way To Bank

Jeff Prince
Why? For the love of God, why? Why in the name of all that’s reasonable and sane — why? Why in the mind-numbingly dense “Achey Breaky Heart” mentality of the American masses, why? Why would anybody care what...

Sarah Palin’s Attack on the Media: Pandering Nonsense or Sour Grapes?

You decide. My favorite quote from her speech yesterday, as she handed power over to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell: “Democracy depends on you, and that is why — that’s why our troops are willing to die for you. So how abo...

Palin, Perry Two Peas In A Pod

Jeff Prince
Gov. Rick Perry is yapping about Sarah Palin’s decision to campaign for his reelection. Makes sense donchaknow because political leaders in Alaska are just downhome folks with good moral fiber and strong Christian values donc...

Say It Ain’t So David Letterman

Jeff Prince
It broke my heart to see David Letterman slip into being an anachronism this week after apologizing for remarks made in a monologue about one of Sarah Palin’s daughters. That’s something the fair-haired Jay Leno would have ...

Stop Sarah Stop

Jeff Prince
Sarah Palin continued digging her own grave this morning during an interview with Matt Lauer about her feud with David Letterman.

Palin Leads … Herself Off Cliff

Jeff Prince
When is Sarah Palin going to learn? If she plans on representing the GOP in the future she needs to stop talking. Besides having the most annoying voice since Fran Drescher, Palin is revealing a thin-skinned ignorance that isn...