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Know A Good Kid Who Deserves A Scholarship?

Jeff Prince
A friend of mine has a teenaged kid — word up, Luke Rodriguez! — who did something nice recently. He raised a bunch of money for a monument to honor war veterans, and convinced the city of Azle to let him install it...

ULTA Offers Beauty Not Axe Murders

Jeff Prince
Friday the 13th is associated with bad things happening. Tires blow out. Toilets clog. Freaks named Jason hunt down young co-eds and kill them one by one in increasingly graphic ways and sometimes in slow motion. It’s a h...

Wheel Right

Four years ago, Amber Herndon was volunteering at a banquet being held at her church. The event was a fund-raiser for a new program started by the church’s Sunday school class, which took donated cars, fixed them up, and ...