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Night & Day

WED ▪ 18 It’ll be a stiff test for the TCU women’s basketball team this evening. Mired in the middle of the Mountain West Conference standings, the Lady Frogs will face the conference-leading UNLV Lady Rebels, undoubtedly...

Jacksboro Highway Out With Old, In With What?

Jeff Prince
I took the above photo in January and posted it on Blotch under the headline “Jacksboro Highway Like Time Travel.” The oldtime view from the Conoco station near the corner of Jacksboro Highway and Beverly Hills Driv...

Jacksboro Highway Jim Lane Sign Still Standing

Jeff Prince
Longtime Fort Worth lawyer and politician Jim Lane’s backyard stretches down a hill to the Jacksboro Highway, and his business sign has become a familiar sight over the years. The sign sports his business phone and famili...

Jacksboro Highway Avalon Motel Sign A Keeper

Jeff Prince
The Avalon Motel is a quiet little place these days, and that’s how owners Tom and Manjula Khushal like it. I stopped by to take photos of the sign perched atop a rusted water tower this morning and drew the wary eye of M...

Blame The Parents, Not The Kids

Jeff Prince
A restaurant is causing controversy after putting up signs saying, “Screaming children will not be tolerated!” Some people say the signs are discriminatory, particularly against kids with disabilities. That’s ...

Recruiting Tolerance

Hatemongers could learn a few things from this football coach.
On my way to work a while back I saw a solitary picketer at the corner of Camp Bowie Boulevard and Cherry Lane. He had a sign in each hand and two or three on the  landscaping buggy he’d dragged to the street corner with...

Double Chens

Though this classic Chinese buffet may argue otherwise, fill up at your waistline’s peril.
Jimmy Fowler
With the current public health crusade against chubbiness, it’s only a matter of time before that quintessential American institution – the Chinese buffet – earns the same sordid reputation as a Prohibition-er...

Found: Too Many Signs

City officials and neighborhood activists are going after right-of-way litterers.
Jeff Prince
The bright and colorful signs hammered into the grass in the public right-of-way or stapled onto utility poles promote everything from diet formulas to dating services.