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Morning News Roundup, Sep 15

Jeff Prince
Police Seek Help In Finding Suspects A guy gets out of a black Mitsubishi Outlander Sport and cold-cocks another guy in a Wal-Mart parking lot, and then takes off. Marty Britton, 55, refused treatment at first, but later went t...

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News Roundup: May 29, 2015

Jeff Prince
Let’s Saddle Up And Pedal Apparently legs can be used for something other than climbing into pickups and pushing accelerators. Fort Worth Bike Sharing recently expanded to 43 stations and 350 bikes, including a station in the...


Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Redskins

Jeff Prince
Old-time rivalry. Must-win situation. Season on the line. Fortunately, the Dallas Cowboys were facing one of the worst defenses in the NFL, the lowly, snake-bitten Washington Redskins. Unfortunately, the Cowboys defense is wors...

MA AND PA WILBER (photo courtesy of Wikimedia)

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Washington Racial Slurs

Jeff Prince
Seeing DeMarcus Ware and DeMarco Murray limping off the field last night prompted visions of the Dallas Cowboys circa 2012 — a solid team that suffered too many injuries and finished up 8-8 for the year and missed the pla...

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Racist Redskins Should Change Name

Jeff Prince
The Washington Redskins — a team us Cowboys fans love to hate — might finally be considering a name change. Why? Money, of course. The team wants a new stadium in Washington D.C., but they mayor doesn’t like t...


Cowboys’ D: Trampled Under Foot

Yes, boneheaded plays and mistakes are killers. Missed game-winning field goals, unconscionably dumb penalties in crucial situations, interceptions –– they’re all horrible but do not exist in vacuums. You could even say t...

JOE THEISMANN (photo by internetsense)

Joe Theismann Smacktalks Romo, Jerry, Dallas Cowboys

Jeff Prince
Normally I wouldn’t quote Joe Theismann. He’s an egomaniac former Washington Redskins quarterback turned annoying sportscaster turned who gives a rat’s ass. He summarized the State of the Dallas Cowboys this s...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs. Cards

Jeff Prince
Yesterday’s timeout fiasco ended up costing the Dallas Cowboys a victory over the Phoenix Cardinals. And for that I’m thankful. The Cowboys owed a sacrifice to the timeout gods, and now the team is all square in the...

Off Asides On Dallas Cowboys vs Redskins MNF

Jeff Prince
Hey, Drew Pearson, what do you think of No. 88 now? Two weeks ago, Pearson questioned Dez Bryant’s courage and character after the Cowboys lost to the New York Jets.  Bryant missed last week’s game with a leg injur...

At Least Barbie Carpenter Didn’t Blow Games

Jeff Prince
Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bobby Carpenter caught a lot of grief during his four-year tenure with the team. The 2006 first-round draft pick was later nicknamed “Barbie” and featured on a blog site. Yep, it was...