Night & Day has always had a soft spot for scientific debunkers who go around poking holes in myths and superstitions. So it’s rather unusual that we’ve only recently run across the Bad Astronomy blog on Discover‘s web site, recently named one of the 25 best blogs in cyberspace by Time magazine.

big_ticket_1It’s the creation of Phil Plait, a.k.a. The Bad Astronomer, who once helped correct the defects in the Hubble Space Telescope and now makes it his business to denounce bad science everywhere in the media and popular culture, sometimes in overheated language. His targets have included everything from the hysteria over the Large Hadron Supercollider to Jenny McCarthy’s anti-vaccination campaign. He recently had some choice words for Texas’ State Board of Education for its vote to not teach the age of the universe, a move spearheaded by creationist board member Barbara Cargill.

He’ll bring his raging skepticism to the UTA Planetarium this Saturday for an event predictably titled the All-Star Fundraiser. His planetarium show will follow the event’s Italian dinner and silent art auction. Plait likely will have some thoughts about the new Star Trek movie, and he’ll certainly have some beautiful pictures from outer space, one of Bad Astronomy’s specialties. You’ll likely leave this with a clear head and a fresh perspective on the universe.



The All-Star Fundraiser is at 6:30pm Sat at UTA Planetarium, 700 Planetarium Pl, Arlington. Tickets are $40.
Call 817-472-5982.

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