Youth’s influence on American culture has always been strong, but seeing corporate lawyers, PR sharks, and CEOs jumping on the bandwagon is kind of like watching Fonzie jump the shark tank.

Fort Worth-based Radio Shack tried to be hip in the mid-1990s by taking out the space between its letters and calling itself RadioShack. Why? Because that’s the way they roll, baby.

Now they want to be referred to as “The Shack.”


Check out this statement from their CEO:

“Dawg, removing spaces was phat back in the day, but ‘The Shack’ is bitchin’ for real. Phat cats like me don’t take time to say complete sentences such as “I laughed my ass off.” We say “ILMAO” instead. In fact, if a robber shot my ass on the street, my last words would be “OMG!” which are more like letters than words but that’s keepin’ it real, youknowwhatimean? So shop your ass off at Radio Shack, I mean RadioShack, I mean The Shack, my peeps!”