For 15 long years I lived next to a rundown rent house in East Fort Worth and clashed with a steady flow of irresponsible neighbors who owned dogs but didn’t take care of them.

One neighbor kept a dog on a short chain tied to the cyclone fence that separated our backyards. For 24/7 that half-mad dog lay on hard, hot concrete without so much as a blanket. The mutt couldn’t stray more than a few feet, and he barked at anything that moved and many things that didn’t. He snarled when I tossed him a pillow one day, but he quickly settled in on it and rarely left it afterward.

Other neighbors left dogs in cages with little food or water or allowed unchecked numbers of litters, with puppies then escaping and roaming the neighborhood.


Some people have the IQ of a gnat when it comes to getting pets spayed and neutered or even providing basic care.

Members of Fort Worth Spay and Neuter Every Pet (SANE Pets) are encouraging folks to show up at 7 p.m. at tonight’s City Council meeting at City Hall, sign a card at the desk outside the chambers, and then have a seat to show support.

SANE Pets is asking the City of Fort Worth to enact an ordinance that would:

1. Require pets to be spayed and neutered to lower the unwanted pet population and the costs associated with dealing with unwanted pet population.

2. Discourage irresponsible breeding of pets.

3. Require those who do not wish spay and neuter their pets to pay a fee to defray the costs incurred by the City in dealing with unwanted pets.


  1. It’s a good thing my dog can’t read because he would really be upset if he knew that your rag was advocating the removal of his nads. First, my green lawn and now my dog’s ball.

  2. Oh, boo-hoo. You running a puppy mill or something?

    Spay and neuter your pets. Stop contributing to the sorry situation society finds itself in with respect to the masses of unwanted pets loose in our neighborhoods.

    Here’s hoping SANE wins the day.

  3. I have a neighbor who feeds feral cats. All those things do is make kittens. I can’t tell you how many dead kittens I’ve seen in the middle of the street. Another neighbor and I put out traps, to catch the cats and get them fixed. My cat-feeding neighbor closes the traps as soon as we go out of view. I went to talk to him about it, and he went nuts, screaming about how we were going to kill those cats, and how they were his children.

    I’ve already signed the online petition.

  4. You’d think that a distinguished journalist such as Eric G would know not to directly engage a crazy cat lady… or in his case…. crazy cat man.

  5. Speaking as someone who has been opposed to this since I first heard about it several months ago, they fully have my support now. I got a little indignant about being told that I couldn’t breed my adorable little ball of fur, not gonna lie. She’s such an immense presence in my life and I know her life expectancy is quite short, so I want a part of her to live on. Makes me a ridiculous sap, sure, but whatever. I <3 her. Sod off. To get back to the point, if all I have to do is pay an extra fee to make that possible, who do I write the check out to?

    If you aren’t willing to add that extra digit or two to your check, then you probably don’t put forth the effort into the pet/owner realtionship that is necessary to either breed or keep your dog from humping. This ordinance is for folks like you and your fuzzy pal will probably be all the better for it. Or at the very least your neighbor’s pups.