Well, looks like those liberal, bleeding-heart lemmings masquerading as city council members voted unanimously for the tougher dog law.

As a puppy mill operator and someone who raises pit bulls for fighting, I am appalled at the heavy handed crackdown by these meddlesome city leaders.

Actually, much of the law is pretty reasonable. Among other things, the ordinance makes dog owners spay and neuter their pets or pay a fee. The law also requires fencing of dogs.


Hey, if you’re going to own a pet, take care of the son-or-daughter of a bitch.

Mike Lee’s report in the Star-Telegram sums up the new law.

However, I’m uncertain about the provision that outlaws dogs from riding in the beds of pickups. I love seeing the hounds with their tongues hanging out and their little faces in the wind, smiling the way dogs do when they feel like they’re flying.

“I’m flying…flying…woo hooo!” (That’s a direct quote from my dog Hazel the last time I took her for a ride.)

Lots of folks let our dogs ride in the back of trucks. (Hazel gets carsick in the front seat, but she’s happy as a pig in slop when she’s riding in the back).

The only person I’ve ever known who’s had a dog killed by doing this is someone who did what this new law requires – restrain his dog.

A friend of mine was driving to his farm and let his dog Daisy ride in the back of the pickup as usual, but for some reason on this day he restrained her with a leash, which he attached to the bed of his truck.

After he reached the farm, he opened a gate and drove onto the property. Daisy was still enjoying her ride in the back and he scratched her ears for a moment.

After a short drive to his barn, he opened his truck door and discovered Daisy hanged to death.

He immediately ruled out suicide. Daisy was always a happy girl. She had left no note.

Apparently, Daisy had jumped from the back of the truck to run free in a pasture, and since she wasn’t used to being restrained by a leash, had hung herself on the side of the truck.


  1. The city council is tough on dog owners because they say stray dogs cause problems in neibhorhoods, but then they allow the gas drillers to build big pad sites and gas wells in those same neighborhoods and ruin our streets, pollute our skies, take our land using eminent domain, etc

  2. The city doesn’t enforce the dog laws it already has. What makes anyone think they’ll enforce the new and tougher law? This is literally a “dog” and pony show.

  3. I agree – who wants a pit bull or other naturally occurring angry dog pacing in the back of a pick up at a stop light just waiting to pounce? Not me. I’ve heard it happen. Plus, dogs in truck beds is SO stereotypically Texas. Let’s not do that.

  4. I’ve been hauling my goats around for months in the back of my pickup with leashes on just hoping they’ll jump. But no such luck.