To the editor: As usual, Betty Brink and Fort Worth Weekly do not know our community. The same day this story came out (“Falling Down, Getting Back Up,” Oct. 21, 2009), a jury  gave Shirley Lewis the maximum $2,000 fine for poor conditions on one of her properties, and that is just for one that she owns. We begged the city for years to make her clean up her properties. She is nothing but a hypocrite. Since the 1990s, Shirley Lewis has received over $1 million from the taxpayers and built five houses. That is pathetic. The picture you show on the cover is not a house that Lewis rehabilitated but one done by Neighborhood Homes.

The reason we have struggled to bring development to the South Side is that Shirley and Johnny Lewis tried to stop any development from occurring that they cannot make money off of. Hotels, grocery stores – all have tried to come, and she turned them away. Fort Worth Weekly never has anything good to say about our community – don’t bother to come back over here.


The Rev. Wendell Cass

Fort Worth

Landowners Beware

To the editor: Guest writer Jerry Lobdill’s story (“Leasing Our Lives Away,” Oct. 21, 2009) certainly was a virtual tour through the reality of scam artists. They operate with impunity, allowed to do so by the state and the city, with our revered and reviled Mayor Mike Moncrief as leader of the pack (of wolves.) He’s got a vested interest in gas wells, as do his cronies.

Folks, wake up and smell the coffee! Never sign a lease or contract that you have to read with a microscope. Consult an attorney; their services are well worth the money. At least you’ll have professional advice to guide and protect your rights and land. Anyone considering signing leases without counsel also needs the services of an ophthalmologist. Just keep Lobdill’s article posted on your fridge as a blueprint and reminder that you can and will be taken advantage of if you’re not prepared.

Eva Hoffsetz

Fort Worth

To the editor: Jerry Lobdill’s On Second Thought article was the ultimate caveat for people, especially seniors and those not versed in contracts. Don’t fall victim to these predators. The first sign of these scams is when landmen knock on your door. When they use the magic word (“money”) to proselytize you, that should trigger the reaction of showing them to the door. Never be fooled by the easy-money dialogue – the only ones profiting are the gas companies. Just say “No!”

Renee Sudderth

Fort Worth


Off Course

To the editor: Your article on plans for an aviation history museum (“Flight Plan,” Oct 7. 2009) was well done. However, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why you would discredit a fairly well-researched, insightful piece of reporting by giving credence to the uninformed comments spouted by Wedgwood neighborhood activist Tolli Thomas. She is one who would obviously benefit the most from learning of our rich aviation heritage.

If you wanted an opposing point of view, you would have done much better interviewing someone who knows something about the subject.

Tru Picht

Fort Worth