Dennis Gilbert doesn’t appear to be the stereotypically shifty, conniving, creepy kind of a guy one might expect from a former sports agent who represented superstars such as Barry Bonds, Jose Canseco, and Rickey Henderson in their baseball heydays.

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And that’s nice to hear since Gilbert has been dubbed as frontrunner in the race to buy the Texas Rangers from Tom Hicks.

Looking at Gilbert’s old clips reveals a former minor league baseball player who who gave up his dream of making the majors and started selling insurance back in his 20s. Selling family plans to his old baseball contacts led to him becoming a big-time sports agent.

This Los Angeles Business Journal article in 1993 reveals him bristling after someone questions his integrity.

This Chicago White Sox web post lauded Gilbert for being among a group of former baseball scouts to create the Professional Scouts Foundation in January 2003, which raises money to support scouts who are struggling with hard times.

And this 2002 Sports Illustrated article describes how he spent $1.5 million to build a baseball field in South Central Los Angeles.