In another boost to Fort Worth’s reputation, the city attorney’s office will prosecute Chad Gibson – the Rainbow Lounge patron who suffered a concussion during last summer’s botched and nationally condemned raid by Fort Worth and TABC officers – on public intoxication and assault charges for allegedly groping the ex-TABC agent who took him down. That agent, Chris Aller, was canned for “procedural violations” after an internal TABC investigation.

The NBC 5 report notes that “several of the officers who were there that night [at the Rainbow Lounge raid] sat on the opposite side of the courtroom” to watch Gibson as he pled “not guilty” and requested a trial.

Seriously, Fort Worth? Do you really want to drag yourself through this nasty and embarrassing business again?


  1. So much for the City of Fort Worth and the Fort Worth Police Department trying to make peace with the LGBT community. This is the greatest insult of all!

    The groping charges weren’t even addressed in the Rainbow Lounge Report. So, they weren’t important enough for that, but now they are important enough to press criminal charges against the victims?

    Where is Joel Burns in all this? As our only LGBT councilmember in Fort Worth, he should grow a spine and be the one taking a leadership role in calling the City and the FWPD out on these criminal charges.

    Folks, it’s time to get serious and quit being such nice good little queers who know their place. Fort Worth and it’s Mayor and Police Chief have kept promising that they would make good to the LGBT community and right the wrongs of the past. So far this is just empty worthless sound bites.

  2. Well if that isn’t the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I’m not a huge supporter of the gay community but this is ridiculous. I believe we are still in America and authority figures are abusing their powers for their own personal vindettas. A great waste of city time and money. 0% of the population thinks this guy needs to be prosecuted. YOU SUCK DA – YOU SUCK POLICE DEPT – YOU SUCK MUNICIPAL JUDGE….. go over to the east side of Berry Street and bust up the meth labs. Oh, you won’t do that because they have guns too huh – so lets go pick on the gays at the gay bar!! The dude got fired over this and now your going to press charges??? I hope that gay guy sues the living sh*t out of Fort Worth.