A bunch of 817 artists cycled through Eagle Audio Recording over the weekend to lay down tracks for our 13th annual Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards charity compilation CD of select 817 artists’ music. Sessions will be out by Sun., June 27, the day of the Weekly’s free annual 40-plus-local-band festival in the West 7th Street corridor. Here are some more Eagle Audio performances, in addition to the ones already posted here and here.

Performing his new-ish original “Jogging in Place,” ’80s-inspired R&B stylist Browningham (a.k.a. Nathan Brown) conjures up visions of Ray Parker Jr., Walkmans, and, via the rapidly percolatin’ cowbell sample, Flashdance.


The Dangits had just written the song they performed in the studio, “Six Hours to Mexico.”

The Whiskey Folk Ramblers do “Leavin’ Here,” a new, previously unrecorded song of theirs.

Stay tuned for more footage.