Spotted last weekend at Rave Motion Pictures Ridgmar 13: A classical pianist playing a baby grand piano in the lobby. The west Fort Worth theater is the only one in Tarrant County showing the Van Cliburn documentary A Surprise in Texas, so it made sense to have Bach and Mozart drifting through the lobby this past weekend. The pianists were obtained courtesy of the Van Cliburn Foundation’s Children’s Education Program. It was a nice change for the Ridgmar, which usually has no music in its lobby. AMC Theatres pipe in pop tunes in the hallways of its theaters, but some upscale movie theaters go old-school with a concert piano in the lobby. What do we think? Should more movie theaters around here make a habit of this? Or would greeting moviegoers with classical piano music get old eventually?

A Surprise in Texas will play at Ridgmar this weekend as well, but the theater is also showing Racing Dreams. Wonder what they’ll have in the lobby for that.