Kim Feil of Arlington encouraged us to check out a YouTube clip under the name kimfeilgood to see a “white lady rapping an environmental plea to stop a proposed gas well next to the Cowboys Stadium.”

The white lady uses phat, boo-yaa beats to tell the Arlington City Council to rein in urban drilling, yo.

Feil might not be the world’s worst rapper, but she is certainly the most annoying. Listening to this video makes me want to pollute rivers and strangle dolphins with my bare hands.

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  1. You may judging her too harshly on style, Jeff. It took some big cahones to pull that off. I wish Moincrief could have been the recipient. I give Kim an A+ on content.

  2. Don, It’s possible I might have teetered toward the slippery side of hyperbole for the sake of a laugh. Blotch is an evil temptress.

    I do give Kim a thumbs up for cahones. And it’s always priceless to watch mayors squirm in their chairs when residents tell them what’s on their minds. This video kind of surprises me, though, because Kim complies after Cluck tells her not to don the gas mask. I figured MC Feil Good would put on the mask, flash a gang sign, and start rapping to Cluck about keeping the little guy down.

    Oops, there I go again.