This week’s ”Music” story is about “progressive bluegrass” outfit Cadillac Sky and their remarkable new album Letters in the Deep. It’s one of those theatrical, inventive, kinda-murky-in-a-cool way song cycles that, IMHO, is destined to be rediscovered and appreciated for years by listeners who may never own another bluegrass album. (Assuming that’s what Letters in the Deep is).

Cadillac Sky made a music video for the terrific song “Hangman” with director Roger Pistole. They filmed for two days in April down in Nashville’s homeless community known as Tent City. Two and a half weeks later, historic rains caused the Cumberland River to overflow its banks and flood large parts of Tennessee, Mississippi, and Kentucky. Most of Tent City was washed away. Some of the residents remain unaccounted for. Go to this website to find out about ongoing relief efforts.