SHARE provides a list of speed traps in cities across the country, and Fort Worth has quite a few of them listed.


My most hated speed trap is the one at University Drive near White Settlement Road.


What’s yours?

This University of Chicago study says police departments typically use speeding tickets as revenue generators for cities.


  1. The speed TRAPS (plural) on I-20 where all the construction is near Hulen St is a ROYAL pain and you can bet they are there every SINGLE day just waiting to double that fine in the work zone!

  2. The cops go to areas with unneccesarily low speed limits and hide behind bushes with radar guns and try to catch people even though they are driving perfectly safe and there is no public safety issue. The cops that do this are little more than robber barons, being paid for with taxpayer money and then going out and exploiting the same taxpayers by writing frivolous tickets for profit. It’s sickening and it’s wrong.

  3. To quote the tea partiers and other assorted anti-immigrant types: What part of illegal don’t you understand?
    Don’t speed. Don’t run red lights. Stop on red before turning.
    So simple; you don’t have to worry about cameras or radar guns.
    Or, you can break the law and get a ticket. Your choice.

  4. Westworth Village cops hide on the medians at night on Westworth Blvd or Alta Mere. I see them a lot.

    Don’t roll through stop signs in River Oaks and don’t speed in 20 MPH zones. Not all the 20 MPH zones are school zones by the way.

    I see Fort Worth PD on White Settlement Rd between Henderson St to the east and Isbell Rd to the west more often these days.

  5. Thank you Roy! I love how everyone here says the officers “hide” LOL..

    Pull your heads out people.. there is no such thing as a speed TRAP.. You willfully speed, you get caught. They don’t TRAP you into it.. they don’t fool you into it. You did it, you got caught… deal with it.

    You whine and complain because the officer sat there and waited for you or someone just like you to do what they always do.. try to take advantage of a location or situation to get ahead… Don’t speed, don’t roll stop signs, don’t jackrabbit lights, and you won’t have this problem..

    As for “unneccesarily slow” areas? Really? I don’t think residential or school zones are “unneccesarily slow”.. I think your just in too much of a hurry…

  6. As for the unneccesarily slow areas… If you’re ever driving and the speed limit seems too low then it really probably is. The reason they keep these so low is so the city can make more $$$ on traffic fines. There are certain equations and road test that are supposed to be done every few years to ensure that the speed limits are accurate to what people really drive on these streets. But it is very rare that the city will update the speed or even perform the test. Reason being is so they can make more $$$ to get more cops out there writting more tickets.

    If this wasn’t true then i wouldn’t see 5 cops sitting on the access road out side my house writting tickets left and right for people doing 37-40 in the 35mph zone right off the highway with no residential areas around. I see them writting about 5 tickets an hour. Assuming that they have a very very cheap fine of $100 they are making at least $4000 in a work day off this one speed trap. Cities can very easily make well over $1,000,000 a year off one trap. That is why speed traps are ridiculous especially considering that there are so many violent crimes that happen every day that never get solved due to lack of man power.

    Least favorite speed trap? All of Hurst Euless and Bedford.

  7. Thank you Clay for telling it like it is! I agree 100 percent! Police target taxpayers and write nitpicky tickets for 5 mph over the speed limit not because they are concerned with safety but because it puts money in city coffers. Then those same cops are forming unions and controlling elections and forcing the city administrators to pay them obscene salaries and benefits that are much better than what any other city employees get. Its a racket but the kool-aid drinkers like Roy and SueGirl are too dense and self-righteous to get it.