Tomorrow morning (Dec 22) at 8:15am President Obama will sign the legislation to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Here’s what won’t happen: Helpless hetero Marines won’t get cornered by their predatory homo showermates. Soldiers won’t lose limbs in battle because they were distracted by the gay pride parade that will allegedly commence once DADT is lifted. The terrorists won’t win.

Here’s what will happen (once implementation occurs): Women and men who’ve chosen to put their lives on the line for their country will no longer live in fear that they’ll lose their jobs because of who they are. What else? When a soldier who happens to be gay or lesbian is awarded a medal of honor, their spouse can stand beside them at the ceremony. When a gay or lesbian soldier is killed, their grieving spouse can tell reporters what the loss means.

Here’s what might happen when DADT repeal is finalized: John McCain’s head might explode. Did you see what a big whiny crybaby he was last Saturday afternoon when the Senate voted on DADT? Stay classy, Mr. “I’m a Maverick/Stop Calling Me a Maverick.”


  1. Rather than criticizing McCain for being an old bigot, we should commend him for standing the entire 7 minutes of his anti-DADT speech. After all, he could have sat. The poor guy was probably so exhausted after such theatrics that his plastic nursemaid of a wife had to rush him to Bethesda Medical Center for an IV drip of Ensure.