OK, as much as I admire and respect TCU football, I have to say that until TCU plays in a major conference –– and the Big East doesn’t count, ’less you’re talking hoops, and you’re not –– TCU football will never compete for a national championship, even though the BCS thinks kindly of the Big East for reasons that are murky and probably ridiculous. A lot of perennial powerhouses will have to have one loss and TCU will have to be undefeated in style for the Big Eastern Horned Frogs to be invited to the big dance. To be a powerhouse, a college football team has to compete against potential powerhouses nearly every week. I know, I know. TCU has offered to play potential powerhouses and has been turned down. Still, rising to the challenge is not that same as achieving victory. A playoff system also might not be fair. A team competing against second- and third-tier teams every week will undoubtedly be much healthier at the end of a season than a team that has faced the Oklahomas, Texases, Floridas, Ohio States, Nebraskas, LSUs, and Auburns of the world, all stacked with NFL prospects, week in week out.


Anyway, some electronic billboards have gone up in Columbus, the city where Ohio State is located, that read “Congratulations to TCU for their BCS Rose Bowl Victory,” from “Little Sisters of the Poor.” What is assumed is that some TCU supporter spent/wasted a lot of money to make a point to supporters of Ohio State president Gordon Gee, who not too long ago said that non-automatic-qualifying teams but potential BCS busters such as TCU and Boise State play Little Sisters of the Poor every week. The point that the billboard-buyer is making is unclear. Would any sports team go out of its way to congratulate a victorious opponent? Regardless, a funnier message might have been, “Congratulations to TCU on their Rose Bowl victory,” from “scared Ohio State fans.”





  1. Um, last I checked football is football and it doesn’t matter if you are playing OSU or a Division III school, injuries occur. Saying that a TCU that plays a weaker schedule would have less injuries than UT or OSU is ridiculous. That is not a valid argument for why a playoff would not work. Try again.

  2. I dunno. Maybe you’re right. But you’ve got to agree that, at least for an offensive lineman, going up against the Mountain West’s historically light d-lines nearly every week can be somewhat easier on the joints, muscles, and noggin than facing off against, say, the Big 12’s or SEC’s 275-300-lb. monsters.

  3. Yeah because only the big 12 and SEC have players that around around 300lbs?

    Not only that, but BCS schools recruit players that are a completely different breed of humans than the other schools.

    It’s truly amazing…… that people are so dumb.

  4. Well, I honestly don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to conclude that the larger, more historically competitive schools attract larger, stronger, faster players. Do think that only coaching separates, say, Wyoming from Florida?

  5. You are all rediculus. TCU this year would easily win every confernce except for teh SEC West, and thats because Auburn has freak at quarterback. They had the best overall team from top to bottom. You can talk recruits all you want but we had players and I know that we deserve to be where we are at today.

  6. TCU is great, and the Big East will want to give them back to the Mtn. West very soon.

    Is it true the Big 10 has a “low IQ” section on the 50YL for their biggest fans? Now they recruit players from this section that will even sell their own mothers for a few dollars?.

    By the way. A buckeye in Texas is something I was told to never pick up while at a horse race.

    It must be nice to win a national championship that is voted on. I keep thinking that with enough money I can also be a Natl. champ. Maybe my dad can make the deal for me! I promise to give it back in a few years!

  7. “Do think that only coaching separates, say, Wyoming from Florida?” You bet!!! Wyoming will but out a contract on all the coaches to solve this problem!