The ego of Texas drivers is a boon for the state’s general fund. is hosting a week-long sale of seven-character personalized license plates. Years ago, people referred to them as “vanity plates” since it seemed vain to spend extra money to put your name on a license plate.

But now they’re called personalized plates and are considered a fun and creative method of expression — and a good way to pad state coffers. Yesterday’s sale raised $422,000 for the state general revenue fund, with six days still remaining in the sale.

Many of the obvious plates are taken, but you can get creative.  For instance, TCUFROG is no longer available but if you change the G to a 9 you’ll come up with this:


Depending on how you feel about the long reign of Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief, you can either get this plate:


Or you can get this one:


I don’t plan on buying a vanity plate, but if I did I’d probably get something like this one (which is still available):