UT-Arlington President James D. Spaniolo must be smart. He’s a highly educated executive at a big school and he uses words such as “antithetical” to describe the moronic notion of allowing concealed handguns on college campuses.


He writes (and even boldfaces) that “allowing concealed handguns on campus would significantly increase the potential for members of our community to be injured or killed.”

Which is better than saying that allowing young,  hormone-wracked, testosterone-fueled, drunken, moody, college kids to pack heat 24-7 is a disaster waiting to happen.


Fort Worth Weekly‘s resident smart ass…er…smart guy Anthony Mariani blogged pretty much the same sentiment last month, although instead of edumucated words like “antithetical” he used lowbrow phrases like “nucking futs.”


  1. I fail to understand “Spaniolo” ignoring the second amendment, which awards “The People’ the right to keep and bear arms

    And tells Government, “This right “Shall not be Infringed.”

  2. A comic the other night was talking about the right to keep and bear arms. He said that amendment was written at a time when people were carrying around single-fire powder muskets that took a while to load, weren’t very accurate, and weren’t as deadly as today’s weapons (his joke was something about the musket ball bouncing off your chest if you were wearing a thick coat). Nowadays, people carry around small semi-automatic handguns that can fit in your pocket and can shoot a dozen bullets in a few seconds.

    Regardless, people are still allowed to keep and bear arms the last I checked. I own several. Most everybody I know owns guns.

  3. My problem with this decision is the same problem I had with the law banning firearms on college campuses – they are denying their student body the right to defend themselves. You don’t have to worry about CHL holders significantly increasing the chances for people to be murdered on campus. A CHL holder is a law-abiding citizen. The criminal who has no respect for our laws will not bother to even read the 30.06 signage at the front gate on their way to their target. Why shouldn’t those who do respect the laws be able to effectively defend themselves?