A new, updated translation of the Bible interprets Mary as being a “young woman” rather than a “virgin.” (As God might say, “OMM!”)

This could throw a wrench into that whole miraculous conception theory.

But don’t worry. If history is our guide, the various organized religions and their leaders and flocks will discuss the situation calmly, come to a mutual agreement, or agree to disagree, and then wish each other well.


  1. Changing the translation to “young woman” doesn’t mean that she was not a virgin it just means that she was a young woman.

  2. once again the church lies …hate to be rude …but it takes 2 to get pregnant ..She was un married and pregnant ! Not the role model i want for my children ! She is unfit to be worshiped…she reminds me of that palin girl ..left un attended with a male ! The church needs to wake up people are wise to their lying in the name of GOD ! The religious cults are just that !

  3. Have any of you actually looked at the evidence? All of the early documentation that exists today says that Mary was a virgin. I’m not just talking about church documentation, although nowadays I imagine it’s all at the vatican for safeguading.

    2 Thess. 2:15 states that the bible and tradition are the basis of faith, tradition says Mary was a virgin, the bible says Mary was a virgin.

    If this passage says she was a young woman, it doesn’t change the fact that Mary was a virgin. It just makes it easier to misinterpret the bible.

    Why ask “How can this be?” if it were not something that would theoretically be impossible….

  4. We’re talking TRANSLATIONS. New Revised versions has for years had Isa. 7:14 (which is not literally about Jesus, but about a Queen of Israel) as “young woman,” best translation of the original Hebrew in the Old Testament. The Greek version of the Hebrew Bible used a word that could mean virgin in that verse and was picked up by Christians to interpret the MEANING of Jesus’ birth in the New Testament. It chnages nothing about the virgin birth story in the NT, the truth of which is not dependent on translations, but what one chooses to believe!

  5. Your talking foolishness the topic is Virgin or not. Not some silly factious book ! This what i was talking about the religious cults are such a SCAM !