Oh no. Say it isn’t so. I’m very disappointed. Having kicked my weekend off with your column for years now, I will miss my Chow, Baby very much. Once I even went to an Asian place on East Berry Street called “Ho” because you said it was good. Imagine the trust involved in that.

This week I thought of you twice before I even read your column: First, with the presidential elections coming up, I was going to give the Chow, Baby for President “Let them eat flan” t-shirt idea another try, to help finance a trip to France. Plus I would just love to see who else is a Chow, Baby fan.

Second, Groma of Sweet Home Chicago, of sweet and hot Italian beef fame, is no longer at the convenience store on Westcreek, and I just knew you would know where he has gone.

I can understand that trying all the wonderful food that Fort Worth has to offer has been a tough gig, but please know that I have enjoyed your column, your wit, and your advice. You will be missed.

PINCHme 300x250

I will not pine, though. Perhaps we will run into each other at Rice N Noodle on Highway 80 West or Nicky D’s in Crowley. Take care and thanks so much.            

Jayna Elam


I am happy and sad to hear you’re leaving Fort Worth Weekly. But you’re from N’awlins — we know how to do the damn thing. Stay in touch and let me know where I can follow you.

Your homeboy,

Roosevelt Pierre

Pierre’s Mardi Gras Café



Please say it’s a dream, Bobby Ewing…

I moved to Fort Worth six years ago. Your column helped me find all the great restaurants here. Not only was it informative, but it was a fun read.

I wish you great success in your next endeavors. My friends will miss you indirectly. They always thought my recommendations were my own, but I wouldn’t have tried most places without your guidance. Thank you for all you did for your Fort Worth readers. You will be missed.

Bill Campbell

Fort Worth


Thank you so much for your sweet shout-out. It was very touching and means a lot! I will sure miss reading your column. Thanks so much for all the laughs, tips, and support of our clients. Much luck to you in your future endeavors.

Beth Hutson

Fort Worth


Well, a long wonderful local career comes to an end! You will be missed by this old conservative reader! I have enjoyed your column immensely. It took me about as long as it did you to figure out that if you find a career where they pay you for doing something you enjoy, eventually it is no longer as much fun as it was when it was a hobby. It’s like when a golfer gets to work in the business and finds that there is no longer any time to play golf.

Journalism is an exciting career — at least real journalism is. The stuff that is foisted upon the public nowadays is something besides journalism. You got to do the real stuff — and thanks for doing it without coloring it with political beliefs or opinions. You wrote for the Fort Worth Weekly, a liberal paper, so likely you have some degree of “liberal” politics in you, but I have no idea what. Bud Kennedy wrote some good stuff for years about local folks, events, and food, but then he started spouting off about his politics. (When all the good editorial writers got laid off, there’s the reason he got to write politics.) After that I couldn’t trust his restaurant columns or notices of local events for fear that I would be shadowed by the FBI or Homeland Security if I went there.

OK, I’ll stop preaching and just say thanks for a great job.

Corky Douthitt



Oh, no! We’re losing a wonderful Chow, Baby. Best wishes for a happy future and good eats.

With a smile,

Paulette Wagner


How I have loved reading your columns in Fort Worth Weekly! Amusing, informative, often laugh-out-loud funny. It helped that my daughter, Laurie Barker James, often shared that page with you (and in confidence, I sometimes read you first after taking in her byline as a doting mom). We took your advice seriously, often going to places you recommended and ordering the dishes that won your praise. Dancing ponies will never replace you. May you and The Beloved be truly happy in the next chapter in your life and do it all with zest and gusto. I hope to read all about it elsewhere.

Ciao, dear Christy.

Ronnie Barker

Fort Worth

Farewell! I shall miss you. Best of luck on your next adventure!

Lauren Kwedar

Fort Worth


Thanks for 10 years of fun columns and reviews. Good luck in what’s next!

Ernest P. Johnson

Fort Worth