On the 31st anniversary of John Lennon’s death, Yoko Ono suggests that her ex-husband’s spirit is staying busy by guiding the Occupy Wall Street movement.

It’s easy to dismiss Ono because, well, she’s Ono.

But Ono deserves no “oh no” on this one.


She and Lennon paved the way for Occupiers and helped show future generations how to peacefully protest with both conviction and a sense of fun and the absurd.


  1. I don’t recall Lennon’s bed-in getting much support. I recall how Lennon was mocked and derided by the mainstream for his causes — just like the Occupy protesters are mocked and derided today.

  2. A bunch of people sitting around smoking dope and eating acid in a hotel room as some sort of political statement, singing a hackneyed, empty phrase over and over while accomplishing nothing are very likely to be mocked and derided.

    So the song is fits but wouldn’t “Imagine” be more appropriate?