(flicker photo by pmbell64)

This video of an eagle allegedly swooping down and snatching a baby freaked me out when I saw it on the news today.

I say “allegedly” because the video could be doctored. And I say “freaked me out” because of a conversation I had yesterday.

A fellow cubicle drone and I were arguing about gun control.


The conversation went something like this:

CO-WORKER: “The National Rifle Association should be ashamed. They haven’t made any public statement about the Newtown school shooting for four days. That’s an outrage. My sensitive liberal nature is shaken to its very core!” (Note: I made up that last sentence.)

ME: “Why is the NRA obligated to make a public statement every time some deranged person flips out and starts shooting people? If an eagle swoops down from the sky and snatches a baby, is the National Audubon Society required to make a public statement?”

CO-WORKER: “That’s the stupidest, most idiotic analogy to support an argument that I’ve ever heard.”

So far, no word from the Audubon Society.




  1. Not only was your statement silly, it showed a total lack of, or dismissal of knowledge about how the NRA historically has chimed right in. It has created an expectation but for some reason, maybe obvious, this time they have held their breath.

  2. The NRA can chime in if it wants to or not say anything if it doesn’t want to. That’s their right, just like owning a gun is the right of law abiding Americans.