Former TV anchorman Mike Snyder dropped out of the public eye in 2010 after Channel 5 no longer wanted his weird ass telling us the nightly news.

I blogged on Snyder’s departure back then and called him “the worst of the worst” when it comes to TV news heads.

The dude just creeped me out from the beginning to the end.


Now he’s back in the spotlight, kind of.

The Dallas Morning News published this story today about Snyder setting up fake Facebook accounts and making derogatory online comments (using pseudonyms) on various news media sites on behalf of the Dallas Police and Fire Pension System, which hired him as a consultant.

In his comments, Snyder bashed people who dared to criticize the pension system. He used the names Brandon Eley and Barry Schwarz to make his comments.



  1. I like Jane McGarry. She really had to put up with one strange co-worker, and I understand he and a popular oldies channel radio DJ spent some time sand-bagging poor Jane portraying her as some kind of villan in the course of events where “Barry” was eased off the air.

  2. Snyder and McGarry are both egomaniacs who got was coming to them.

    The current crew at NBC 5 isn’t much better….airhead journalist wannabes….

  3. Well, Snyder no longer has his “interesting new job.” He fell on his sword for the good of the company. His resignation letter is posted on his former public relations firm’s website at Here it is:

    “I am deeply saddened by the impact this episode is having on people who are not involved in this controversy in any way. Neither my partners, nor my company, were involved with Museum Tower or my efforts in any way.

    “I have resigned my position with Ropewalkers and have ended my efforts on behalf of Museum Tower.

    “While the comments I made contained accurate facts and data, I regret I was not always transparent in the posting of comments on news blogs by using my own name. I am sincerely sorry and apologize to those people whom I offended using a screen name, specifically Mayor Rawlings, Tom Luce and Joe Heinz.”

    Mike Snyder

    • “Not ALWAYS transparent in the posting of comments….” (lol) That’s a pretty amazing statement, since all the comments were under a pseudonym.