Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst’s recent foot-in-mouth moment, when he was recorded trying to use his name and position to bully an Allen police officer into giving a relative special treatment, taught the Texas Republican an important lesson.

Just not the right lesson.

The embarrassing life experience didn’t teach Dewhurst to act more professionally and ethically next time. Nope, it taught him to make sure  nobody’s recording him the next time he tries to use his influence for special favors.

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The Dallas Morning News quoted him during an address with a group of Houston Republicans: “I was speaking to a group of police officers in the DFW area a week ago Saturday,” he recalled. “… I said, you know, guys, I’ve decided that it’s far better to talk to police officers in person than on the phone.”

The crowd reportedly loved it.

After all, who doesn’t love a shady politician making fun of his repulsive behavior?



  1. Jeff Prince…this article is absurd. So what…he tried to help a relative. If you had position and power, you’d do the same. It’s not like he committed a sex act in the white house with cigars and everything yet Clinton is still a poster child for Democratic politics. This article is a waste of time. To call Dewhurst a “shady politician” is way out of line.