Major League Baseball’s Rule 5 draft usually goes off without any news, but this year the Rangers made waves by drafting Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Apparently the NFL star was a second baseman in high school and college, and was previously drafted as a baseball player by the Baltimore Orioles. The Rangers have drafted football players before (Ricky Williams, Riley Cooper, Jameis Winston), but the sports media seem to think that Wilson might actually show up to the Rangers’ spring training to field a few ground balls and hang out with the players. The only monkey wrench might be if the Seahawks win the Super Bowl this year, which would make Wilson a busy man in the offseason. Still, given that the team will only shell out $12,000 for the move, it might well be worth it to bring an NFL star into camp for a day or two. It’s highly unlikely that Wilson will give up his football career, but if you want to fantasize about him in a Rangers’ uniform, this video of him diving to stop a ground ball on the Colorado Rockies’ farm team will help: