Professor D headlines the New Year’s Eve show in Sundance Square.
Professor D headlines the New Year’s Eve show in Sundance Square.

It seems that this year, the place to be on New Year’s Eve is downtown. This isn’t to slight the events going on elsewhere. Stage West is holding its annual affair with music by the E-Flat Porch Band and a supper buffet that includes black-eyed peas served after midnight. Meanwhile, Arlington’s The Improv Club has a special performance by Donnell Rawlings, and Grapevine Opry rings in 2014 with a country music revue.

Still, lots of activity will be surrounding downtown. Many orchestras (like the one in Dallas) are doing the traditional Viennese music, but Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra goes in for swing this year, with Las Vegas headliner Steve Lippia returning to town to perform pop standards with the ensemble. Four Day Weekend and Hyena’s are both doing holiday shows as well.

Everything culminates with a New Year’s countdown in the new Sundance Square, a location that seems tailor-made for the occasion. The high-energy dance band Professor D will provide the music for the first event in what seems likely to become an annual tradition in Fort Worth. We don’t think there’ll be a ball drop, but we’re sure the square will come up with something cool when the clock hits midnight.




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