The Cowboys playoff destiny rested on the rusty arm of backup quarterback Kyle Orton, who Orton to have thrown that last pass.

The offense had the ball at the end of the game, down by two points, but needing only about 35 yards to move into field goal position for the winning score.

An errant pass with the game on the line ended with an interception and a gut wrenching loss.

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Another miscue in a win-it-or-else game.

Another 8-8 slice of mediocrity.

Another city full of broken hearts.

Cowboys 22, Eagles 24.

From the “Be Careful What You Wish For” file — DeMarco Murray has been wanting/demanding the opportunity to carry this team on his back for the last few weeks. He got his wish on the offense’s first possession. The Cowboys drove downfield and looked great until Murray fumbled and the momentum shifted to the Eagles.

Murray dropped a pass on another early possession.

A blink of an eye later, it was 0-10 Eagles.

The game announcer talked about how Tony Romo’s two back surgeries in two years was worrisome, almost insinuating that his best days were over. As they talked, the camera flashed to Romo’s wife, Candice, sitting in a luxury suite and looking gorgeous. It’s hard to feel too sorry for Romo.

The camera cut away from Candice and, as if on cue, showed the Cowboys defense sacking Nick Foles on a third-and-five play to force a punt and give the ball back to the Cowboys. It must have been Saint Candice in the skybox sending her blessings and beatific aura (and, uh, chewing gum with her mouth open).

Orton led a long drive for a touchdown to make it a three point game, 7–10.

Of course, Candice is an angel, not a mutant. She has no Avenger-like super powers. Fate lay in the hands of a second-string quarterback and a Swiss-cheese defense.

The defense and Orton rose to the occasion, sort of, and played admirably, to an extent.

If Orton could only take back that last throw…and hand the ball to Murray…maybe…aw, who knows. It’s over.

I’ll bet by the end of training camp, some people (myself included) will be predicting a playoff run for the Cowboys next season. Football, like religion, relies upon faith. Mine remains intact. How about yours?