A Facebook page called “Fort Worth Fights” has posted about two dozen cell phone videoed fights involving teens at various schools throughout the Fort Worth school district, including South Hills High School, O.D. Wyatt High School, Paschal High School and Rosemont Middle School. Some of the fights occur at bus stops and restaurants near campuses, but the majority are filmed on-campus.

The page’s administrator would not give his/her name to a Fort Worth Weekly reporter, but claimed to be a Junior at a Fort Worth high school.

“Anyone can submit a video just by posting it on the page and its viewable by the public,” the administrator said in a Facebook message.


The administrator said he or she started the page to preserve the memory of those fights.

“I started this page originally to post fights and other related videos because I’ve seen hundreds of fights [on and off campus] and many being recorded, but lost due to people’s fear from getting in trouble at school. “And when [the videos are] posted online they are reported and the video is forever lost.  With the help of people those videos can live on just by a simple post in this page.”

The Fort Worth Fights page mirrors a nationwide trend. There are several other School Fight Facebook pages, and numerous other videos posted online.

The Fort Worth School District could not be reached immediately for comment.



  1. Parents need to wake up to the reality of FWISD under Walter Dansby and Judy Needham.
    FWISD continues on a downward spiral which NO amount of Bond $$ will correct. These two need to resign immediately along with many in upper management and all but the three new Board Members. 15+ years of moving in the wrong direction is enough. Where are the school administrators?

  2. The FB page is appalling! It seems the only concern of the “administrator” is to preserve fights, so they won’t be lost forever”?! How moronic is that? Unfortunately, this is the mindset of some of these students in the district; they don’t have anything better or worthwhile to invest in; they only care who wins, who loses and did it make a kick ass video! They probably won’t even get suspended, but just thrown in detention for a few days to save face. In truth, the reality is that the district, under Dansby’s regime, doesn’t give a damn what happens to our kids; whether they are fighting, video taping or the like. And OD Wyatt is supposed to be one his babies!? He talks a good talk, but it’s all smoke and mirrors! He sits back in his chair on the 3rd floor of the admin building and tells his minions to “handle it”, like he will do this time!

    People, this kind of stuff has always gone on in our district and no one does anything about it, unless it gets leaked to the media somehow. The public rarely knows about impending law suits, sexual harassment, bullying, intimidation, retaliation, etc., until someone makes some noise. No one knew about the nipple pincher at Dunbar HS, until this paper’s reporter, Betty Brink wrote about it and tried to hold the district accountable. It had been going on for a while and kept under the carpet…by Dansby himself, b/c he was friends with the pincher! It was only until Betty broke the story did the pincher get removed, only to be promoted to central office!

    These fighting videos on campuses are old hat! This one little story is just a small piece of an even bigger, more sinister pie of things that go on within the purview of FWISD campuses! For example, Poly HS (another Dansby baby) and its Principal is put on admin leave for sexually harassing a teacher. Now that’s news, considering Scroggins was promoted by Dansby and backed him, until the victim spoke up and contacted a lawyer! Like I said, Dansby likes to bury things…deep…big or small! One only has to look at the AHHS/Palazzolo ongoing case to validate my point!

  3. Right now, the district is refusing to take any placements at the mid-level alternative school unless a student has been through the OCI program 3 times or commits damage to school property or assaults an employee. Because of that genius policy, teachers are having to take time away from teaching to deal with the same block headed students that selfishly disrupt class everyday. In the past students that have participated in fights that get recorded and posted were suspended or sent to mid-level along with whoever posted the fight. With this new policy you can count on little to nothing being done now.

  4. Everyone is right. Let the firing commence so finally the children will stop fighting. Except palazollo, he will be the last child fighting till someone gives him the key to the city and Dansbys job.

  5. That’s actually a great idea. P would do a much better job – probably for less $$$. His trial is the only thing that will get the cleaning process started.

  6. Ignorant idiots. Bone up on your civil rights. The page is far from cool, but if you think you can blame this on anything but kids acting like idiots you are delusional.