Igneous Grimm's sophomore album, Everything Is the Same Thing, is pure country-psychedelia.
Igneous Grimm's sophomore album, Everything Is the Same Thing, is pure country-psychedelia.

Igneous Grimm is now connected.


Back in the day, the country-psychedelic band lived in 1972 (“Igneous Grimm Spaces In,” Nov. 17, 2010). Now the Cleburne sextet’s music can be found on Bandcamp and SoundCloud, and the guys have a Twitter account and, yes, a Facebook page.

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“So we’re certainly on the grid,” frontman Ryan Elmore said. “But we’re laying pretty low.”

Not too low, though. The band is playing Saturday at The Grotto (517 University Dr., 817-882-9331). The whole night. No opening acts. No headliners. Just the Grimm. All night long. Which is fitting, considering the band, despite progress, still throws back, all the way to Moby Grape, Moody Blues, and Pogo, when pop mingled with country mingling with psychedelia mingling with brown baggies, platform soles, and eyeliner (and suspenders), when concerts were fluid journeys rather than staccato series of songs.

The reason for the show is the release of Everything Is Same Thing, the band’s follow-up to its debut album, 2011’s The Man Outside. Recorded between 2011 and 2013 at the band’s Cleburne studio, the new, 11-track recording is semi-catchy, with swaying vocal melodies, and completely narcotizing –– lots of lazily strummed guitars, weird Zardoz-esque atmospherics, and spacey, occasionally showtune-caliber balladry (think: Godspell, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat).

The playing is superb, with Elmore, Zach Stevens, Jody Elmore, and three members of Secret Ghost Champion –– Ben Hance, Roby Scott, and David Vaughn –– playing multiple instruments. Cleanup’s Riley Pennock didn’t play on the album but will drum for the band during live shows –– and on the next album. “We’ve already started working on a new one,” Elmore said, but since the band arranged, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered Everything Is the Same Thing, “it could be awhile on that one too.”

More shows are in the works too. “We haven’t booked anything yet,” Elmore said, “But we will in our own time.”


Patriot and Pansy Moon are also on the bill.

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