Some folks got a thrill this past weekend seeing street construction workers removing the asphalt blacktop from Camp Bowie Boulevard between the Kimball Museum west to the big intersection at University Drive.

Most of Camp Bowie Boulevard maintains its original red-brick surface, which makes driving a little bouncier but adds a lot visually and culturally to the area.

“When I saw that the whole street had been cleared and scraped and they were down to brick I was hoping they were going to leave it brick. No such luck,” said Arlington Heights Neighborhood Association President Jessica Redman. “We’ve always been really proud of our brick in Arlington Heights. It makes us special, it makes us different.”

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This morning a street crew was putting down a fresh layer of asphalt.

“I was disappointed to see the blacktop,” Redman said.

On the other hand, the new blacktop looks as smooth as an icicle and pretty impressive. Can’t wait to drive on it, although blacktop is a pale comparison to funky looking red bricks.