World of Beer

I recently noticed that the wannabe-tastemaking Dallas-based music blog Gorilla vs. Bear referred to Fort Worth singer-songwriter Leon Bridges’ debut album as “timeless” –– even though the record doesn’t come out until autumn. So I don’t feel bad about blabbing about how great Fort Worth’s forthcoming World of Beer is going to be before anyone, including me, really has a chance to objectively assess it.

I had a pretty good time at the World of Beer in Arlington not too long ago, so it stands to reason that the one opening on West 7th Street will be more of the same. Truuust me.

World of Beer is a Flying Saucer-ish chain of tap houses with something like 70 locations in 20 states. You can imagine that its corporate blueprint for service and selection are geared to foster a positive, brewdacious Yelp!-worthy experience, and I swear on a stack of whatever your favorite sacred text is that I did not completely parrot that from a press release.


Here’s what I like most about WoB: Its selection is nearly overwhelming, but the staffers really want to help –– without making you feel like a big dummy in the process, which is crucial to keeping the craft beer bubble from bursting. You may have seen Budweiser’s other, puppy-free Super Bowl commercial. In “Brewed the Hard Way,” craft beer aficionados are depicted as effete, mustachioed drips and Bud drinkers as balls-out balls of fun who party balls. And it’s not entirely off the mark. Perhaps to ease the macrobrew enthusiasts of the world into World of Beer, WoB bartenders and servers must complete a two-week “beer school” in which they learn about styles and pairings and whatnot, so when somebody’s dad walks in and asks, “Uh, y’all got any amber beer?” the bartenders and servers will know what he’s talking about.

Of course, you might wonder how World of Beer’s educational approach and exhaustive inventory make it a better choice than The Brass Tap, Ginger Man, Pour House, or the Saucer. Maybe they don’t. All of those places also have great, knowledgeable staffers and fantastic selections –– some of which even include lots of local breweries, including newbies Panther Island Brewing (from Panther City) and Shannon Brewing Company (from Keller). The one thing that WoB may have over its competition is local music –– original local music. For the grand opening party on Monday, March 2, Fort Worth prog-funk-rockers Bomb Atomic are set to play, and they’re really, really good. Normally, non-music venues that dabble in local, original music simply dabble. Most of them switch over to cover bands after the first local act that doesn’t draw leaves the stage. If World of Beer can stay committed to a regular calendar of local bands that don’t suck, this macrobrew lover might become a regular. –– Steve Steward


Stir It Up

Head to Bar Louie (2973 W. 7th St., 817-566-9933) on Thursday at 6 p.m. for the inaugural edition of Stir, Fort Worth Weekly’s monthly mixology competition. Bird Café’s Amber Davidson, Republic Street’s Catfish Flores, Thirteen Pies’ Anna Pereda, and The Usual’s Evan Williams will compete to concoct the tastiest libation using only their own ingredients and vodka from sponsor Double Cross. The winner gets major bragging rights (and some swag). The $10 cover charge includes two Double Cross cocktails. –– S.S.


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