John Rody is taking radio to new heights. Photo by Kayla Stigall.

Radio Personality

Readers’ choice: Russ Martin, The Russ Martin Show, 97.1 The Eagle

Critic’s choice: John Rody, KFTW/97.5-FM The Pirate

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For the last 35 years, Texas radio Hall of Famer John Rody, who redefined morning radio in the 1970s, has been involved in local broadcasting –– over the air and over the ’net. Two years ago, Rody and wife Sallie Rody launched The Southside Pirate, a local music-only internet station. Last February, the Rodys got approval from the FCC to turn it into a spot on the terrestrial dial. Until the permanent tower goes up, the broadcasts will remain sporadic, but stay tuned –– with his hyper-local station, Rody may be giving life to a dying medium.


Servant of the People

Readers’ choice: Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price

Critic’s choice: Burleson Mayor Ken Shetter

In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges in June, Mayor Shetter received a lot of attention, plenty of accolades, and heaps of condemnation for his online response to a constituent’s demand that he provide biblical justification for his support of same-sex marriage. Shetter’s short essay, “But the Greatest of These Is Love,” articulates a sublime understanding of the relationship between personal convictions and public service. Whether this will help or hurt Mayor Shetter’s political career in his conservative suburban community remains to be seen, but Burleson residents (and the rest of us) are fortunate to have a sane local politician who has the courage to stand on his principles.


Candidate for Alien Abduction

Critic’s choice: Kory Watkins

Hey, space aliens. If you really want to help us pitifully primitive humans join the galactic community or whatever your allegedly beneficent end-game is, you could start by swinging by and picking up Open Carry Tarrant County leader Kory Watkins and dropping him off in some lawless, government-free hellhole where nobody cares if you walk around with a death-dealing dick joke strapped to your back. Watson’s assertion that the Constitution guarantees him the right to carry a firearm in full public view without any government-issued license doesn’t make him worth snatching up outright, but there’s this interesting wrinkle regarding his personal politics: Because of his guilty plea for a Class A misdemeanor (for stealing car speakers) when he was 17, he is ineligible for licensed carrying. His intractable stance in favor of so-called “Constitutional carry” (i.e. completely unlicensed) is conveniently specific to his situation, making his presumably altruistic, gub’mint-fighting, freedom-defending activism at best self-serving and worst disturbingly bereft of self-awareness.


Local Political Development

Readers’ choice: future development of the Stockyards

Critic’s choice: Fort Worth school district hires new superintendent

Considering how inoperative the school district’s Board of Trustees has been the last several years, it’s a major development when they can come together long enough to name a new school superintendent. Dr. Kent Paredes Scribner begins his honeymoon in the Fort soon, having worked in the same position in Phoenix since 2008. At the announcement that he was the only finalist for the position in early August, Scribner commented that he was “convinced that Fort Worth ISD is poised for great success. The district’s impressive Board of Trustees, talented staff, and engaged business community are among the ingredients required to build a prosperous school-community.” The Weekly wishes him luck. He’ll need it.