Art by Amy Minton

Customer Service

Readers’ choice: Perfect Touch, 3023 Bledsoe St, Ste 103

Critic’s choice: Caliber Collision, 2510 White Settlement Rd

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A couple of months ago, a Weeklyteer got bumped from behind by a guy on his cellphone. Well, through the perpetrator’s insurance company, our Weekly hero took his damaged vehicle to Caliber, whose employees were friendly, amenable, and prompt. They may be among the last people you want to see, but if you have a choice, seek them out.


Barber Shop

Readers’ choice: Fort Worth Barber Shop, 3529 Lovell Av

Critic’s choice: Fort Worth Barber Shop

Bo Diddley sang, “Shave and a haircut, two bits.” Tom Waits croaked out, “I’d guess you’d say I’m on my way to Burma-Shave.” And we say, “Head on over to Fort Worth Barber Shop.” A trim and a hot-towel shave aren’t two bits anymore –– you’re looking at about $50 here before tip. But there’s no denying this quaint place’s Old World charm.


Hair Salon

Readers’ choice: Linda’s Hair Fashions, 100 Belmont St, Saginaw

Critic’s choice: The Salon Upstairs, 207 S Main St

Despite having relocated to the ground floor of the historic Sawyer Grocery building on South Main, The Salon Upstairs continues to be an outstanding place to get your hair done. Owner Vandy Cespedes and her fellow stylists don’t hesitate to offer guidance, and the spacious urban-chic interior pairs perfectly with their colorful attitude. It’s a place that manages to feel equal parts hip and down-to-earth.


You’ll be safe, happy, and inked by the time you leave this joint.
Photo by Vishal Malhotra.

Tattoo Parlor/Artist

Readers’ choice: Tattoo Ranch, 108 W Exchange Av

Critic’s choice: Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo, 1426 N Main St

Clean and rustic, Lucky Horseshoe is a safe, happy place for either a full sleeve or a tramp stamp or if you’re just window shopping. Female friendly, laidback, and sterile, Lucky Horseshoe has artists who can create unique designs or knock out old standbys such as “Mom” or Bugs Bunny.


Thrift Store

Readers’ choice: Thrift Town, 2444 Jacksboro Hwy

Critic’s choice: Berry Good Buys, 1701 W Berry St

Every time we start to think there might be a better thrift store in Fort Worth, we walk into somebody’s house and see an amazing vintage couch, chair, or framed lithograph of an elephant. “Where’d you get that?!” we marvel. “I got it for, like, $8 at Berry Good Buys.” Plus, we’ve actually witnessed Lexus-driving TCU students unload bags of clothes for donation –– there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find some designer threads. The best part? All proceeds benefit SaveHaven, a local women/children shelter.