Class Actress plays as part of 35 Denton.

While South by Southwest kicks off this weekend in Austin, Denton’s showing how much it cares for the competition by throwing its own music party at the same time. Who needs Austin’s traffic headaches and corporate hipness and keynote address by the President and First Lady? There’s plenty of good music to be had at 35 Denton.

As you’d expect, the venues are packed with quality acts. Dan’s Silverleaf welcomes the Austin hard-rock outfit Megafauna and the retro 1970s-style rock of Philadelphia’s Sheer Mag, while Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios play host to the Brooklyn-based synth-pop of Brothertiger and the folk rock of Mothers out of Athens, Ga. Less heralded Denton hangouts like the Abbey Inn and J&J’s Pizza will take part, too. However, you won’t want to miss the action on the two mainstages, which will entertain everyone from jazz legend Charles Bradley to 1990s rap sensation Biz Markie to the slinky synth-pop of Class Actress. Also getting prominent placing will be Eliot Sumner, the daughter of Sting who sounds uncannily like a female version of her famous dad. It all sounds worth skipping the crush of South by and heading in the opposite direction for.



35 Denton runs Fri-Sun in various venues, downtown Denton. Passes are $25-65.