Has it stopped raining yet? Good, because a slew of outdoor events is here this week to greet the spring. Chief among them is Mayfest, with its usual arts and crafts, food, and 5K and 10K runs to help you work off the calories you got from eating all the funnel cake and turkey legs. This year, Uber will be providing free rides to the festival for first-time riders. The live music is headlined by the likes of Live 80, The Killdares, and Poo Live Crew.

However, there are plenty of other choices to visit as well. Up north, you’ll likely have better access to the Denton Arts & Jazz Festival, where the music will be provided by Brave Combo, The Flatlanders, Patrice Rushen, and a whole lot of UNT students. Down south is the Granbury Wine Walk, where more than 20 wineries will have their vintages on display and the festival will keep your wine for you so you don’t have to carry bottles around. On the north side of town is the Día de los Niños, where Artes de la Rosa will have magic acts, ventriloquism, music, and ballet folklórico to entertain the kids. And the Fort Worth Vaqueros kick off their season against the Houston Regals. You’ll be hard pressed to cover all of these in one weekend, so you’ll have to make some hard choices.

Unless it rains, in which case, damn you, El Niño.


Check Calendar for dates, locations, entry fees, and contact phone numbers for the above events.


  1. I remember when Mayfest was a quaint, friendly, art-and-music-driven day in the park … mostly attended by locals. We loved doing gymnastic shows at the event back in the early 80’s.

    Now the Mayfest ‘corporation’ shuts down most of an extremely well-used public park THREE WEEKS in advance for three days of mind-numbing consumerism mixed with a smidgen of art and music.

    Mayfest has become expensive, MoneyFest, a weird-free Republican version of SXSW.

    Anyhoos, I stopped going to Moneyfest 1998. Now I am merelywaiting for Trinity Park to re-open for the people who really love it and use it every day.

    • I totally agree. Many adults use the park and to have it summarily taken away for such a long period is just wrong. I have never been to Mayfest as it seems particularly kid-centric and that is just not my thing.

      I have found if you want towards Bryant Irvin road on the trail, past the Woodshed Smokehouse, there are some nice wildflower areas and, while busy during Mayfest, folks are all in the same boat and seem considerate.

      Not fair to take our park away, nevertheless.