I would say that the Republican National Convention isn’t going according to plan, but that would imply that somebody planned any of this in the first place. Last night, Texas’ junior senator and incurable turd in the punchbowl Ted Cruz managed to cleave the Republican Party in two by refusing to endorse Donald Trump for president, instead telling the delegates to “vote your conscience” to a storm of boos. Gee, it’s almost as if a man starts wanting revenge just because you spend months calling him names and saying his wife is ugly and accusing his father of murdering JFK. Because of Cruz’ despicable but also kinda cool nationally televised heel turn, nobody is talking about The Donald telling the New York Times that we should let the Soviet Union re-form, let alone Melania Trump’s plagiarized speech from Monday.

The fallout continues for Cruz. People reported from the tetchy meeting of Texas’ convention delegation, where Cruz made his first appearance after the speech. While Sarah Palin pronounces his career dead and Dan Coats calls him “a self-centered, narcissistic, pathological liar,” others are applauding his act of trollery and its long-term prospects for his career. Much as I detest his principles, I’m rather in awe of his devotion to them to the point where he just doesn’t care if everybody else hates him. I’m going to miss Donald’s speech tonight because I’ll be watching Bad Moms, which will probably be funnier and less terrifying. Everybody else should get their popcorn and pink lemonade and watch the circus.


  1. It’s clear from past writings that you’re a liberal, and thus understandable that, but for curiousity, you wouldn’t watch the GOP convention. But for you to imply that you were curious for the convention’s first three days, but not the finale, is incongruent. More likely, you watched news clips and commentary on MSNBC, and these are the sole basis for your sweeping opinion on the success vel non of the convention.

    • True, I didn’t watch the whole convention, nor was this post intended to be a comprehensive look at the four-day event. I only posted about Sen. Cruz’ non-endorsement because I figured it would be of interest to our readers.

  2. By golly, it is of interest to your readers and so is brother J. Rothschild interesting to your readers, I would think. He is the same hammer-headed, Tea-Bagging, nit-wit who has been trolling the Weekly’s pages for months and months. Don’t you know his mama is proud of him? I wonder what those fools eat anyway.

  3. You post is of interest Kristian, don’t be bothered by J.R. We all know that he would not know incongruent from incarnation, good grief! Had the Pope watched those Tea-Bagging flakes for the first three days, he would have turned the TV off too.