Kenneth Josephson’s “Matthew” is part of the Amon Carter’s exhibit on American photography.

It may be summer, but the Amon Carter Museum of American Art isn’t letting things stagnate in the dog days. Instead, they’re opening up two new shows this week to bring you down to the Cultural District.

In addition to Plexus No. 34, a site-specific installation commissioned by the museum from Mexican-born artist Gabriel Dawe, who specializes in weaving miles of rainbow-colored threads through interiors to turn ordinary rooms or galleries into gorgeously hued visual experiences, American Photographs, 1845 to Now documents the history of the artform in our nation.

Charting the medium’s usage from daguerreotype portraits to landscapes and cityscapes to social commentary, the show draws from the museum’s permanent collection and includes everything from Walker Evans’ display of penny pictures to Kenneth Josephson’s charming snapshot of his own son holding up his own Polaroid portrait to his face.



[box_info]American Photographs, 1845 to Now runs Sat thru Feb 20 and Plexus No. 34 runs thru Sep 2, 2018, at the Amon Carter Museum of American Art, 3501 Camp Bowie Blvd, FW. Admission is free. Call 817-738-1933.[/box_info]