Real talk: I would honestly rather discuss Marvel’s Luke Cage than talk about Fort Worth nightlife this week. Oh, don’t worry. This is a column about bars, after all, so I’ll get to the part about what bar-related social opportunities await you in the coming weeks after this paragraph. But in the greater scheme of things, the Netflix show about a wrongly imprisoned, super-powered black ex-con fighting systemic injustice merits conversation more than the happy hour prices at some bar you’ve never visited. Luckily, there are already plenty of Luke Cage thinkpieces online to pore over, most of which probably do a better job parsing the show’s social commentary than I would. Watch the show, talk amongst yourselves, and see if you lose Facebook friends over it. If I were you, I’d stay in for a few nights over the next week or so and binge it, because Fort Worth Cocktail Week is almost here, and if you’re into sophisticated drinking, you don’t want to miss it.

How about that for a clunky segue? It’s like Kerri Strug sticking her vault landing on that bad ankle yet somehow managing to score a tie instead of a gold. All right, fine. It’s barely like that at all, but, anyway, Fort Worth Cocktail Week begins next Monday, Oct. 17, with nightly events through Friday, Oct. 21.

The first one, a Texas spirits tasting at Mopac Event Center (1615 Rogers Rd, 817-984-7955) features all-Texas made liquors, barbecue available for purchase, and a performance by Texas swing chanteuse Ginny Mac.

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If you’re into margaritas or the tequilas that make them drinkable, the event on Tuesday at Shipping and Receiving is up your alley: Besides a ceviche bar and live Latin jazz, the event showcases rare agaves, sotols, and tequilas.

The next night is a tiki party at The Usual (1408 W Magnolia Av, 817- 810-0114), where bartender “Tiki Dave” Mayer will blow your mind with delicious tropical cocktails, as well as yarns about the history behind mid-century Polynesian libations.

Cocktail Week’s Thursday night event is at Thompson’s (900 Houston St, 817-882-8003), where its resident mixologists will focus on rare bourbons and bourbon-based drinks, with New Orleans-themed noshes to pad your brown liquor intake.

Finally, the five-day celebration concludes on Friday, when gin goes head-to-head against vodka in a battle royale to see which clear liquor makes your cheeks the reddest. Just kidding. There’s actually a debate scheduled between connoisseurs on both sides of the gin/vodka divide, plus live lounge music. If you own a suit, this might be a good occasion to bust it out.

Each event is 6pm-9pm, and your admission ($20-30 per day) comes with a commemorative glass and samples.

Now, of course, you’d want to go to these things because of alcohol and socializing –– you can bet that “getting lei’d” will fly around enough at that tiki party that it’ll probably work out in an adult sleepover for someone –– but you might also want to attend Fort Worth Cocktail Week because, in general, a cocktail week is the kind of thing a world-class city would do, and people attending said things are what turn said cities into big deals down the line. And then, when “Get Drunk During Fort Worth Cocktail Week” appears on some Thrillist listicle or whatever, and you get those warm fuzzy feelings, you can pat yourself on the back. Do the city’s rep a favor and help make Fort Worth Cocktail Week a huge hit. Maybe you can drum up a conversation about socially charged superhero stories over drinks.