In Mexico, the Christmas season lasts almost a month, and every day between the 16th and the 24th there is a parade called a posada, celebrating the part of the Nativity story where Joseph and Mary looked for a place to stay. The parades go by houses decorated with evergreens and paper lanterns, with donkeys carrying clay figures of Joseph and Mary, and children taking part in the procession are welcomed into a different house each night for a party.
Artes de la Rosa isn’t planning anything that elaborate for their Mariachi Christmas celebration, but they will be holding performances of live mariachi music as well as performances by actors from the Louis Zapata Acting Company, so there’ll be no shortage of entertainment options over the two days that this event goes on at Rose Marine Theater. The results of the last election likely have the troupe’s customary crowd down, so showing up to this affair will likely help lift some Christmas spirits.

Mariachi Christmas is at 7:30pm Fri-Sat at Rose Marine Theater, 1440 N Main St, FW. Tickets are $15-20. Call 817-624-8333.