Calm down, everybody. The legendary 76-year-old tenor won’t be singing with Fort Worth Opera. Instead, he’ll be joining in an administrative capacity, heading up the Fort Worth Opera National Artistic Council, a newly created body that will serve as a liaison between our troupe and the wider operatic world, recommending singers and repertoire. Domingo has had decades of experience as an opera administrator, becoming artistic director of the Washington Opera in 1996 and currently serving in that capacity for the Los Angeles Opera. No doubt Fort Worth Opera’s Noches de Ópera project had something to do with getting the Spanish singer interested in our city’s summer festival. In a press release, Domingo himself says, “I am honored to be named Chairman of the Fort Worth Opera National Artistic Council. As the company enters an exciting new era, I am thrilled to join my fellow artists in guiding Fort Worth Opera’s bright and hopeful future. Together, with your support, we can continue the company’s proud tradition of innovation and artistic excellence for generations to come.”

To mark this auspicious beginning, here’s Domingo singing “Quando le sere al placido” from Luisa Miller, which he always said was his favorite aria, and not just because it has his name in the title.


  1. This sounds amazing, but I will still miss Darren Woods and what he did to build this company, launch young singers and support contemporary opera. He transformed the Fort Worth Opera company, and put them on the national map. His departure was so badly managed and timed. They could have gone their separate ways, but he should have been allowed to finish out this past summer festival without being fired. Some of this fallout is the fault of Bass Hall management, who have put more of a financial burden on the resident companies who use their facilities, and are competing directly with them in fundraising scarce $$.