Fort Worth Cocktail Week begins this Monday.

This page isn’t for the trumpeting of events that the Weekly puts on ourselves (Ed. Note: It is, a little bit.), but we are genuinely licking our lips over the prospects of Fort Worth Cocktail Week. Last year’s inaugural event was successful enough for us to bring the fall occasion back, replete with most of the same themes for the individual parties making up the week. Well, what are you gonna do, complain there’s too much bourbon?

The Bourbon Bash is making a reappearance at Thompson’s Bookstore this Tuesday, but that’s not all. Elsewhere, the tequila/mezcal/margarita night has moved appropriately to Salsa Limón (the one in the River District), the tasting of Texas spirits remains at the MOPAC Event Center, and the gin vs. vodka martini event remains the capper. However, this year’s festivities add another event with Sips, a kickoff event devoted to before- and after-dinner drinks, including cognac and liqueurs. Yes, we’ll be starting the week off cordially (sorry!), and you’re invited to find the elegant side of the hard liquor.

Fort Worth Cocktail Week runs Oct 14-19 at various locations, FW. Tickets to individual events are $20. Call 817-321-9705