Catch the Boy in the Plastic Bubble with Wondercrust at the Grotto Fri Nite!

1) Tonight is the last Wondercrust Movie Watchers Club at the Grotto (517 University), as the Grotto’s days are numbered, and that number grows increasingly few. The local comedy troupe will be poking holes in the 1976 TV movie The Boy in the Plastic Bubble starring John “Face Off” Travolta. The show starts at 7, it’s 21+, and there’s no cover. Want a glimpse at what you’ll be laughing at? Here’s the trailer:

2) Also on Friday: Urban Pioneers, Luke McGlathery, and Squeezebox Bandits at MASS (1002 S Main). This is a folk punk, zydeco-spiced, Tex Mex-flavored, countrified party. 18+, $5 cover, doors at 9, show at 9. Drink some beers with the Urban Pioneers! Here’s a song about Waffle House:


3) I don’t know who Daylight Industries are, but they have an album release at the Tin Panther (937 Woodward) along with psychedelic garage parties Huffer (I know them!) and Those Damn Eyes, a band from Austin that has no music up on their Soundcloud page, but assures us that their sound “exudes powerful, sexy aggression through its sonic display of heavy, alternative pop-rock.” Their singer’s first name is Meredith. What else would you like to know? Go to the show and ask her. Those Damn Eyes start the gig at 10 PM; it’s 21+, and the cover is unspecified. Here’s a Those Damn Eyes video:

4) Ever been to the Blackhorse Saloon (2671 28th St)? It claims to be the “only place in Fort Worth where you can headbang and honkytonk,” though I bet Lola’s would dispute that. But arguments aside, Blackhorse does have a heavy metal bill on Saturday that pays tribute to Tool, Dokken, and Led Zeppelin with three tribute bands: Schism, Without Warning (“DFW’s only tribute to Dokken,” which is the greatest claim that any local band has made or likely will ever make), and Coda (which is one of several DFW tributes to Led Zeppelin). Pertinent show facts: it’s a cash-only bar (though there’s an ATM), it’s 21+, the show starts at 9:30, and the cover is $5. Why post a Tool video when YouTube makes it possible to be rockin’ with Dokken?

5) Speaking of Lola’s, there’s a show there on Saturday to benefit Fort Worth tattoo scene legend Troy “Troll” Farmer who is in the midst of battling cancer. Troll has inked a hell of a lot of people around here on both sides of the stage (and bar), and his friends (many of who have been his clientele) are raising money for his fight with a lineup of Holy Moly, Mullet Malicia (playing a ten-year reunion show, as it happens), and Frank y Los Frijoles, and Fuzz King Radio. FKR starts the show at 8:30, there’s a raffle, and all proceeds go to help Troll with his bills. Here’s Holy Moly at Billy Bob’s from 2012:

FULL DISCLOSURE/WRITER BIO ALERT: per editorial suggestion, in addition to writing about music and other shit for the FW Weekly, I am an investor in a venue/bar called Main at Southside, colloquially known as MASS. I also bartend at the Boiled Owl Tavern, a bar that also hosts shows a few times a month. And, since we’re on the subject of warning you against what may be perceived as my own icky, unseemly self-promotion and/or conflicts of interest, I play bass in the following bands: Oil Boom, Son of Stan, Darth Vato. Sometimes I talk about one or more of those entities in this space, but I assure you that it has very little to do with my own vested interests; it just happens that the aforementioned venues and bands are part of the Fort Worth music scene, and this music scene is something I care very passionately about, as I have been part of it since 2002.