With the holidays over and some of the kids still out of school, Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge is loading up on nature events this week, with at least one almost every day. Most of them seem to be bird-related, too: If you don’t see a bald eagle during Wednesday’s aquatic bird tour (or if you’re too cheap to pony up the $15-20 registration fee), then perhaps you can catch one during the following day’s winter bird hike or Saturday’s birding event on the riverbottom trail. If you’re an early riser, both the waterfowl event at 6am on Saturday morning and the 8:30am event on Monday morning promise some up-close encounters with ducks, pelicans, herons, and perhaps that bald eagle. 

Birds aren’t your thing? There’s still plenty this week with a Sunday fossil event and a touch table on Friday, where kids can feel mammal pelts and animal skulls for themselves. It’s a great event to teach kids about nature if they (or you) don’t want to spend hours in the cold, and there’s nothing like feeling things in your hands to connect you to the wildlife.

Check Calendar for dates and times of events, as well as admission prices. All events take place at Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, 9601 Fossil Ridge Rd, FW. Call 817-237-1111.